Grey day

December 8, 2006

What to do on a greyish day? Sit on your grey couch with your grey kitty and crochet grey wrist warmers. That’s what I did at least. I was proud of myself today for getting out of bed before noon, what a sad thing to feel accomplished for. I got to pick up my first paycheck from Bio-Terre which was slightly more than I had expected so that was nice. I celebrated by buying a bag of oats which will soon enough be turned into delicious cookies.
Elif left for Victoria today heads up to friends of Elif on the West Coast she’s waiting for your call unless you are some kind of creep she wouldn’t want to see in which case I suggest you don’t call her.
In other news Caity has started a great Etsy shop and you should all have a looksy, I already bought the calendar and I suggest you do the same, pick yourself up some salve while your there, you never know when you’ll need it.


The sky is falling

December 4, 2006

Old news for anyone who lives here but there was an intense ice storm the other day. It was one of those bizarre situations that you’ll remember for a long time. I was at work when the power went out which is always kind of nice because you get to go home. Walking to Elif’s house after was so surreal looking, the whole neighbourhood had no power so everything was illuminated by police car lights and fire trucks. There were large sections of trees everywhere, some had taken down power lines and some had landed on cars. The picture above is a piece of a tree that fell in front of our place about 20 minutes after I got home and it’s still out there 3 days later. Everything just looked so beautiful covered in ice, the weight of it made the trees and bushes look tired.
Yesterday was the first big snow which makes everything seem cozier. Nothing is slushy and gross yet just nice clean fluffy snow. I went Elif and Erik’s (my second home) and Erik had made homemade perogies that where so fucking tasty that I may have dreamed about them last night. Erik and I went for a walk which was really nice, I can only speak for myself because Erik has no winter boots and had to wear bags inside his shoes, this has become normal. Afterwards we read (I read, Erik tried) while Elif drew, we listened to all the sleepiest music you can think of and had ourselves a real cozy time.I walked home in a zombie like state at around 1 in the morning which has become a bit of a routine, I find it easier to fall asleep in the house by myself if I don’t come home until I’m absurdly tired.

I’m not dead

December 1, 2006


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I am presently missing the guy on the left of this photo. To the best of my knowledge he is driving somewhere in the rockies which is not exactly somewhere you want a loved one to be this time of year. Being in Montreal makes having Rory gone a lot easier but no matter how much easier it gets it still sucks really badly.
It’s been strangely warm in Montreal the last few days but then at some point between 3 am when I walked home from Talia’s and 10 am when I got up it got really fucking cold and snowed a little, now it’s freezing rain which is the worst because everything is so slippery.
I got a job that I have to leave to go to in a few minutes, it’s pretty good. I’m just glad to have a job at all but it’s not very many hours so I hope I can make enough money. I’m working at Bio-Terre which is a cute health food store close to our house. I’m the fruit and veggie girl which is exactly what it sounds like. I only work for four hours most of my shifts which means that I’m working 5 days a week but only 25 hours. It’s thanks to Valerie that I have a job at all, she works there as a cashier on the weekends and it’s nice to see a familiar face at work when you’re one of only two english people who work there.
I’ll write more soon I just wanted to let you know I was alive. Gabrielle I miss our snacks!

We are hobos

October 25, 2006


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It has reached a new low. Gabrielle asked if our ‘livingoom’ was some art installation I was working on, and if it would be okay if the organic cheese snack on the floor was moved. We have given up on having a bedroom because when your bed is just a pile of foamies and blankets you can sleep in whatever room you want, and you can watch tv in bed in the living room so that’s our new bedroom. We are disgusting and when I say we I mean the royal we. There is nothing left in my house except garbage, our ‘bed’ and the computer. It is constantly raining, therefor I spend all day on the computer until I can’t handle it anymore and then I go rent Carnivale from the video store. This is my life. I really hope I can shake this case of mono I seem to have come down with once we get to Montreal.
I think that maybe I am one of those people who needs to work, it’s a sad thought really. Working gives me something to do so I do not become a disgusting slob who spends all day reading craft blogs and renting HBO shows.
Shapes and Sizes are almost done recording, just two more days. I’m really excited after what I’ve heard. I hope they are too, they’ve put a lot of work into it. I have a medley of about 5 of the songs in my head so that should be a good sign I guess.
Three more sleeps to Montreal, I’m so excited and yet it still doesn’t feel like we’re actually moving, other than getting rid of all our stuff. When we get there I’m going to Chesky’s, then Polskie’s, then Patati Patata and then I plan on having a horribly amazing stomach ache. How grand it will be. Gabrielle and I went to the Jewish bakery for bagels this morning to prepare.

Good ol Shapes and Sizes are in the studio again recording their little hearts out, and so far what I’ve heard sounds fucking awesome. This of course means Ror’s not around too much these days but I’m very excited about the album coming together so I don’t really care.

Last weekend was amazing, Saturday was Sufjan and it was so good!! Better than at Richard’s, he just makes sense in a church. He seemed more comfortable there as well, telling little stories in between songs. They looked amazing in strange military outfits with kite wings attached and big feather masks and most of them were only wearing socks.

My Brightest Diamond is, for the record, crazy. She’s this tiny little woman in high hells and formal wear attempting to ‘rock out’ with this giant guitar. It’s maybe one of the strangest shows I’ve ever seen.

On Sunday evening Gabrielle was in need of some serious cheering up because the papers for her insurance on her van hadn’t come yet and so she couldn’t move it and it started to rain again which meant it’ was leaking (this has now been partially remedied). So to cheer up we decided to get stoned and go to a movie. Even Rory participated, which most of you will know is out of character. We went to see Shortbus to see what all the fuss was about, how good can watching Sook-Yin try to have an orgasm be? Not very. It was boring most of all and we agreed that it shouldn’t have tried to have had a plot and it should have had, as Rory put it ‘more fucking and orgies’. We were so disappointed that we snuck into another theater at the end to treat ourselves to a double bill. We’re we ever glad we did. Science of Sleep is the most fucking amazing movie I have seen in a very long time, it instantly made all of our ‘top movies to see again’ list. We all watched the entire movie which retarded smiles on our faces, maybe it was the pot maybe not.

We are moving in 10 days!!! Ack!!!
Yesterday Rory sold our bed which means that last night we slept on the fucking floor. It sucked a) because it’s a floor and b) because I was trashed from a work dinner thing. This morning the most amazing thing happened, as I was pulling my sore hung over self off the hardwood my boss called and said the workshop I was supposed to teach today was cancelled so I didn’t have to come to work. Amazing, I love it when things work out like that.
I’m am so fucking stoked to go Montreal but it still doesn’t feel real. I think even when we get there it’ll feel like we’re visiting. I’m so excited!!!!
PS: Those of you who have known me a real long time ( Caity, Alex and whoever else reads this) should know that Garry has been diagnosed with cancer but it is supposed to be very treatable. I just thought you should know.
xoxo Amy

Give thanks

October 13, 2006


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Last weekend was really nice. Rory and I went back to Victoria for what will be the last time for a long time. It was strange being there with almost no one to visit with but it was nice at the same time, we didn’t feel like we had to get anything accomplished while we were there. We spent friday night and part of Saturday with my parents and then just hung out for the rest of Saturday until the evening when we went out to his folk’s place for dinner. We even managed to pick up his little sister on the way. This girl in incredible, she’s 14 and lives with her 21 year old sister (who has been away for three weeks) and she home schools herself.

Dinner was fun and the kids were crazy, they dragged Rory around the house buy his arms and climbed all over him like monkeys while he tried to play some fishing video game. Anyone who has yet to see Rory in this environment is really missing out. Alexa, his sister and Cole, his brother are already planning trips out to Montreal to visit.

Monday night we were back in Vancouver and had vegan Thanksgiving with Gabrielle. Oh the yummy things we ate! My signature miso mushroom gravy, tempeh, both roasted and mashed yams and potatoes, broccoli, salad and I even whipped up an organic pumpkin (and banana) pie with homemade crust. All of this was made after work so we were pretty zonked.


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Not only have we sold almost all our furniture but we got cupcakes too. Rory posted our sequin bird wall hangings for $20 and these girls asked if they could trade us for baked goods. So of course we said yes because free homemade baked goods aren’t something you should turn down. These 17 year old kids were fucking adorable. They had pink hair (probably just one of them, I can’t remember), Metallica sweatshirts and these amazing Martha-Stewart-would-be-proud cupcakes. Not only were they beautiful but they may have been the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. I ate three in one day.
Gabrielle and I rent Go Further, the documentary where Woody from Cheers travels down the west coast in a bio-diesel bus with a raw food chef,a yoga instructor and then some buddies of his. They bike for eight hours a day and then do talks about organic living at Universities. Everyone of them looked so healthy that Gabrielle and I decided to eat raw for a week to see what happened. The eight hour bike rides seemed excessive. I’m on day three and so far so good. yesterday I was a little grouchy but I think I’m just not eating enough. I already notice that I have way more energy, this morning was the first time in a long time that I woke up and was just awake, not groggy at all. The whole raw thing is weird because you don’t realize how much you can’t eat. All your beans and grains have to be sprouted, and all you nuts have to be raw. I think by the end of this I’m never going to want to see another peanut in my life, they’re the cheapest nuts and I’m poor.

Last night we had a really lovely dinner with Leif and Ben some rad kids we’ve met here. Leif used to work at the little health food store we went to and she’s in a this crazy noise band, and Ben her boyfriend works at our little video store and also makes noise music. Ben reminded us of a stew made of Lee, JRC and Logan Laird, not a bad combo if you ask me. We made a yummy raw salad for me with grated beets, cashews, sprouted beans and lentils and other yummies, the rest of them had salmon too. I was glad that the only cooked thing was something I don’t eat anyways so I wasn’t craving it. I’ll let you know how it goes.