You tell me. If you look at these pictures of things I’ve saved off the internet for our wedding do you think I’ve become a big pouffy dress wearing princess? Maybe I always was one, who knows.

Minus the weird fabric and the bowtie wearing dog.


Stealin’ photos

January 24, 2007

this photo pretty much sums up how overstimulated we all were

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This is a picture Elif took of my super bowling team at Talia’s big birthday bash. From the looks of things Rory is explaining to Lucy how to deal with ungentlemanly-like suitors, I wouldn’t know though because I was bowling at the time or shall I say kicking ass at the time. I came in fifth out of sixteen, in my books that’s kicking ass.

It’s been a while since I updated, there’s nothing like having a blog to make you realize that you have a boring life.

One thing that’s exciting is that Elif and I are going to be published in a craft book. A woman from North Light Craft Books contacted me through Snappedtwig to ask if I knew of anyone who would be interested in doing a tutorial for a craft book that will showcase 30 some odd ‘indie crafters’. The book will mostly be fabric and sewing based so we’re doing a tutorial on patchwork hand quilting, a pillow to be exact. I’ll post some pictures when I have some (the main reason I stole Elif’s picture is because my computer all screwy and none of the drives are working, I’m sure you wanted to know that). So hurray for being in a book!

Other than that it’s been mostly working and hanging but I won’t bore you with the details of produce management or the plots of Criminal Minds reruns.

Semi-peace at last

January 2, 2007


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Bobo and Sequoia have decided to love each other, sometimes. They play fight but no one gets hurt, occasionally Sequoia goes for the throat but it’s all in good fun. As we speak Bobo is actually licking a chair, I kid you not, a chair. She is incapable of hate although she has learned how to fight which is pretty funny to watch.

I hope you all had a good New Years, those of you who know me well already are aware that I hate New Years. It’s not like an ‘I hate Valentines’, party pooper thing, I just really hate New Years. This year was grande, Rory, Lee and I just hung out. We spent most of the night watching Wonder Showzen clips on Youtube and laughing so hard that we actually had to take a break from them because it hurt too much. That shit is so funny it’s unreal. A friend of ours in Vancouver who worked at a video store tried to get me to watch it, I went so far as to take it home and have it be overdue without actually watching it. The stuff with the puppets is not so good but the shit with the kids is unbelievable. We also ordered pizza which was my farewell to dairy as I embark on my vegan journey ( New Years resolution).

I think a few people from Victoria are coming back today which is very exciting. Rory and Jordan are playing music together again today which is also very exciting. Well I’m off to explore the giant library.
xoxo amy

Holy crap!

December 28, 2006

Holy crap!

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As I’m sure you all know by now because I have a big mouth Rory and I are engaged.
Here is a list a good things that happened this week in order of importance

1) Got engaged
2) Got lost box in the mail
3) It snowed

All in all a pretty good week I must say!

I wish everyone from Victoria was here, those that live here and those that don’t. I guess that’s one of the benefits of a wedding, you get to guilt all your far away friends into visiting you. I don’t really know how to plan a wedding, especially one that doesn’t suck but it will be interesting to find out. I also had no idea that myself and all my lady friends were such girly girls, so much screaming and in one case hyperventilation. I hope everyone is doing well, I’m off to work on the quilt.
xoxo amy


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Due to a huge snow storm in Denver Rory’s flight has been cancelled. He now has to wait until Saturday to fly to LA and then won’t get home until Sunday evening, Sunday being Christmas eve. This stinks!
There is so much snow in Denver that the mayor has declared a state of emergency. I feel so bad for the people at the airport, not only were their flights cancelled but they’re all stuck in the airport. Rory had to beg and plead just to get home on the 24th, at first they were telling him that he couldn’t get home for a week, a WEEK.
In happier news our lost box has been scanned in the Canada Post system in Richmond, while it’s not where it’s supposed to be but I’m overjoyed that it’s not in a big garbage pile somewhere. By the end of two weeks after all the Christmas hoo ha I should get my stupid box. It will be the Christmas miracle!
Lee and I painted the living room, it ended up being kind of weird color but it looks a lot better than before, it’s very grown up, oh well.
As all our Christmas decorations are in “the box” I decorated a living tree with birds from Dollarama and one big pink bird that we already had, you make due right?
I hope everyone in Victoria is having a super fun time, maybe give me call or something…

Be your own best friend

December 15, 2006

I had a nice day today, maybe a little lonely but that was my own choice. I went on a super long walk that involved getting a membership to both a video store and the library. I walked down Parc all the way to Mount Royal and then walked a million blokes down Mount Royal all the way to this yarn store. It took forever, I had no idea how far it was. It was nice though, I’d never been that far down Mount Royal before and it was alarmingly nice out all day. I came home to work on Christmas presents only to realize that the pedal for my sewing machine (hint hint Rory) is in that stupid fucking box that is lost somewhere between here and Vancouver and somewhere between Canada Post and UPS. I am so frustrated that I actually threw something, it was only a spool of thread though so no one got hurt. I’m getting better at living on my own, I actually chose to spend the day solo which is a big deal in my book. The cats also add constant entertainment. Sorry I haven’t been taking pictures lately so no photo, next time I promise. I’m actually planning on getting some REAL film for my REAL camera, crazy I know.

Having three cats is so much crazier than having one cat, I never would have guessed. I think I’ve pretty much decided to only ever have one kid, if I’m stressed by three cats maybe I shouldn’t have any kids…
For those of you how don’t know why I’m now living with three cats, the reason is that I’m crazy and also that I’m cat-sitting for Elif & Erik as well as Katie. Crusty and Sequoia hiss at each other all day but I’m pretty convinced that Lucile just straight up doesn’t know how to make that noise so she just wanders around meowing.

Last night I had the worst sleep of my life, Crusty kept trying to come into my room but Sequoia wasn’t having it. I finally fell asleep only to woken at 3 in the morning to the sound of my french upstairs neighbours yelling at each other and then stomping around followed by the sound of a grown man crying, loudly. At this point Lucile thought it would be a good idea to chase a thumb tack around the apartment and my mind became filled with the image of her swallowing it and the disaster that would follow so I got up and chased her around in my underwear until I found the tack. Hopefully tonight will be better.

I went Christmas shopping with Jess and am now officially done. Later I will go over to her house and reward my hard day of shopping with some Criminal Minds… maybe Dr. Reid will be wearing his glasses…we can only hope, right Elif?