Semi-peace at last

January 2, 2007


Originally uploaded by wooden apples.

Bobo and Sequoia have decided to love each other, sometimes. They play fight but no one gets hurt, occasionally Sequoia goes for the throat but it’s all in good fun. As we speak Bobo is actually licking a chair, I kid you not, a chair. She is incapable of hate although she has learned how to fight which is pretty funny to watch.

I hope you all had a good New Years, those of you who know me well already are aware that I hate New Years. It’s not like an ‘I hate Valentines’, party pooper thing, I just really hate New Years. This year was grande, Rory, Lee and I just hung out. We spent most of the night watching Wonder Showzen clips on Youtube and laughing so hard that we actually had to take a break from them because it hurt too much. That shit is so funny it’s unreal. A friend of ours in Vancouver who worked at a video store tried to get me to watch it, I went so far as to take it home and have it be overdue without actually watching it. The stuff with the puppets is not so good but the shit with the kids is unbelievable. We also ordered pizza which was my farewell to dairy as I embark on my vegan journey ( New Years resolution).

I think a few people from Victoria are coming back today which is very exciting. Rory and Jordan are playing music together again today which is also very exciting. Well I’m off to explore the giant library.
xoxo amy


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