Christmas, or something like it

December 22, 2006


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Due to a huge snow storm in Denver Rory’s flight has been cancelled. He now has to wait until Saturday to fly to LA and then won’t get home until Sunday evening, Sunday being Christmas eve. This stinks!
There is so much snow in Denver that the mayor has declared a state of emergency. I feel so bad for the people at the airport, not only were their flights cancelled but they’re all stuck in the airport. Rory had to beg and plead just to get home on the 24th, at first they were telling him that he couldn’t get home for a week, a WEEK.
In happier news our lost box has been scanned in the Canada Post system in Richmond, while it’s not where it’s supposed to be but I’m overjoyed that it’s not in a big garbage pile somewhere. By the end of two weeks after all the Christmas hoo ha I should get my stupid box. It will be the Christmas miracle!
Lee and I painted the living room, it ended up being kind of weird color but it looks a lot better than before, it’s very grown up, oh well.
As all our Christmas decorations are in “the box” I decorated a living tree with birds from Dollarama and one big pink bird that we already had, you make due right?
I hope everyone in Victoria is having a super fun time, maybe give me call or something…


2 Responses to “Christmas, or something like it”

  1. elif Says:

    POOR RORY!! the boy’s got bad luck when it comes to air travel!
    on a lighter note, HALLELUJAH! THE BOX! CHRISTMAS MIRACLE 2006! the quilt! i am overjoyed! i miss you!

  2. Rory Says:

    At least I’m stuck in San Francisco and not… Delaware or something.
    Elif is right, I should never fly again.
    That tree is awesome. See you on Christmas eve!

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