Be your own best friend

December 15, 2006

I had a nice day today, maybe a little lonely but that was my own choice. I went on a super long walk that involved getting a membership to both a video store and the library. I walked down Parc all the way to Mount Royal and then walked a million blokes down Mount Royal all the way to this yarn store. It took forever, I had no idea how far it was. It was nice though, I’d never been that far down Mount Royal before and it was alarmingly nice out all day. I came home to work on Christmas presents only to realize that the pedal for my sewing machine (hint hint Rory) is in that stupid fucking box that is lost somewhere between here and Vancouver and somewhere between Canada Post and UPS. I am so frustrated that I actually threw something, it was only a spool of thread though so no one got hurt. I’m getting better at living on my own, I actually chose to spend the day solo which is a big deal in my book. The cats also add constant entertainment. Sorry I haven’t been taking pictures lately so no photo, next time I promise. I’m actually planning on getting some REAL film for my REAL camera, crazy I know.


One Response to “Be your own best friend”

  1. Talia Says:

    Hello! Snow yet? British Columbia isn’t the same without you! Email me about the bead store findings you require…xo, T.

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