They don’t call me crazy cat lady for nothing

December 13, 2006

Having three cats is so much crazier than having one cat, I never would have guessed. I think I’ve pretty much decided to only ever have one kid, if I’m stressed by three cats maybe I shouldn’t have any kids…
For those of you how don’t know why I’m now living with three cats, the reason is that I’m crazy and also that I’m cat-sitting for Elif & Erik as well as Katie. Crusty and Sequoia hiss at each other all day but I’m pretty convinced that Lucile just straight up doesn’t know how to make that noise so she just wanders around meowing.

Last night I had the worst sleep of my life, Crusty kept trying to come into my room but Sequoia wasn’t having it. I finally fell asleep only to woken at 3 in the morning to the sound of my french upstairs neighbours yelling at each other and then stomping around followed by the sound of a grown man crying, loudly. At this point Lucile thought it would be a good idea to chase a thumb tack around the apartment and my mind became filled with the image of her swallowing it and the disaster that would follow so I got up and chased her around in my underwear until I found the tack. Hopefully tonight will be better.

I went Christmas shopping with Jess and am now officially done. Later I will go over to her house and reward my hard day of shopping with some Criminal Minds… maybe Dr. Reid will be wearing his glasses…we can only hope, right Elif?


2 Responses to “They don’t call me crazy cat lady for nothing”

  1. elif Says:

    YOU ARE AN ANGEL! i wish you better sleep in the future!

  2. elif Says:

    ps: dr ried was riveting in those hornrims last night

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