The sky is falling

December 4, 2006

Old news for anyone who lives here but there was an intense ice storm the other day. It was one of those bizarre situations that you’ll remember for a long time. I was at work when the power went out which is always kind of nice because you get to go home. Walking to Elif’s house after was so surreal looking, the whole neighbourhood had no power so everything was illuminated by police car lights and fire trucks. There were large sections of trees everywhere, some had taken down power lines and some had landed on cars. The picture above is a piece of a tree that fell in front of our place about 20 minutes after I got home and it’s still out there 3 days later. Everything just looked so beautiful covered in ice, the weight of it made the trees and bushes look tired.
Yesterday was the first big snow which makes everything seem cozier. Nothing is slushy and gross yet just nice clean fluffy snow. I went Elif and Erik’s (my second home) and Erik had made homemade perogies that where so fucking tasty that I may have dreamed about them last night. Erik and I went for a walk which was really nice, I can only speak for myself because Erik has no winter boots and had to wear bags inside his shoes, this has become normal. Afterwards we read (I read, Erik tried) while Elif drew, we listened to all the sleepiest music you can think of and had ourselves a real cozy time.I walked home in a zombie like state at around 1 in the morning which has become a bit of a routine, I find it easier to fall asleep in the house by myself if I don’t come home until I’m absurdly tired.


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