I’m not dead

December 1, 2006


Originally uploaded by Rory Wolf Seydel.

I am presently missing the guy on the left of this photo. To the best of my knowledge he is driving somewhere in the rockies which is not exactly somewhere you want a loved one to be this time of year. Being in Montreal makes having Rory gone a lot easier but no matter how much easier it gets it still sucks really badly.
It’s been strangely warm in Montreal the last few days but then at some point between 3 am when I walked home from Talia’s and 10 am when I got up it got really fucking cold and snowed a little, now it’s freezing rain which is the worst because everything is so slippery.
I got a job that I have to leave to go to in a few minutes, it’s pretty good. I’m just glad to have a job at all but it’s not very many hours so I hope I can make enough money. I’m working at Bio-Terre which is a cute health food store close to our house. I’m the fruit and veggie girl which is exactly what it sounds like. I only work for four hours most of my shifts which means that I’m working 5 days a week but only 25 hours. It’s thanks to Valerie that I have a job at all, she works there as a cashier on the weekends and it’s nice to see a familiar face at work when you’re one of only two english people who work there.
I’ll write more soon I just wanted to let you know I was alive. Gabrielle I miss our snacks!


2 Responses to “I’m not dead”

  1. caitlin Says:

    i am glad you are alive too, just a little closer.

  2. Rory Says:

    I’m not dead either!

    Miss you xoxoxo

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