We are hobos

October 25, 2006


Originally uploaded by wooden apples.

It has reached a new low. Gabrielle asked if our ‘livingoom’ was some art installation I was working on, and if it would be okay if the organic cheese snack on the floor was moved. We have given up on having a bedroom because when your bed is just a pile of foamies and blankets you can sleep in whatever room you want, and you can watch tv in bed in the living room so that’s our new bedroom. We are disgusting and when I say we I mean the royal we. There is nothing left in my house except garbage, our ‘bed’ and the computer. It is constantly raining, therefor I spend all day on the computer until I can’t handle it anymore and then I go rent Carnivale from the video store. This is my life. I really hope I can shake this case of mono I seem to have come down with once we get to Montreal.
I think that maybe I am one of those people who needs to work, it’s a sad thought really. Working gives me something to do so I do not become a disgusting slob who spends all day reading craft blogs and renting HBO shows.
Shapes and Sizes are almost done recording, just two more days. I’m really excited after what I’ve heard. I hope they are too, they’ve put a lot of work into it. I have a medley of about 5 of the songs in my head so that should be a good sign I guess.
Three more sleeps to Montreal, I’m so excited and yet it still doesn’t feel like we’re actually moving, other than getting rid of all our stuff. When we get there I’m going to Chesky’s, then Polskie’s, then Patati Patata and then I plan on having a horribly amazing stomach ache. How grand it will be. Gabrielle and I went to the Jewish bakery for bagels this morning to prepare.


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