Soup Can, LameBus and the Science of Awesome

October 18, 2006

Good ol Shapes and Sizes are in the studio again recording their little hearts out, and so far what I’ve heard sounds fucking awesome. This of course means Ror’s not around too much these days but I’m very excited about the album coming together so I don’t really care.

Last weekend was amazing, Saturday was Sufjan and it was so good!! Better than at Richard’s, he just makes sense in a church. He seemed more comfortable there as well, telling little stories in between songs. They looked amazing in strange military outfits with kite wings attached and big feather masks and most of them were only wearing socks.

My Brightest Diamond is, for the record, crazy. She’s this tiny little woman in high hells and formal wear attempting to ‘rock out’ with this giant guitar. It’s maybe one of the strangest shows I’ve ever seen.

On Sunday evening Gabrielle was in need of some serious cheering up because the papers for her insurance on her van hadn’t come yet and so she couldn’t move it and it started to rain again which meant it’ was leaking (this has now been partially remedied). So to cheer up we decided to get stoned and go to a movie. Even Rory participated, which most of you will know is out of character. We went to see Shortbus to see what all the fuss was about, how good can watching Sook-Yin try to have an orgasm be? Not very. It was boring most of all and we agreed that it shouldn’t have tried to have had a plot and it should have had, as Rory put it ‘more fucking and orgies’. We were so disappointed that we snuck into another theater at the end to treat ourselves to a double bill. We’re we ever glad we did. Science of Sleep is the most fucking amazing movie I have seen in a very long time, it instantly made all of our ‘top movies to see again’ list. We all watched the entire movie which retarded smiles on our faces, maybe it was the pot maybe not.

We are moving in 10 days!!! Ack!!!
Yesterday Rory sold our bed which means that last night we slept on the fucking floor. It sucked a) because it’s a floor and b) because I was trashed from a work dinner thing. This morning the most amazing thing happened, as I was pulling my sore hung over self off the hardwood my boss called and said the workshop I was supposed to teach today was cancelled so I didn’t have to come to work. Amazing, I love it when things work out like that.
I’m am so fucking stoked to go Montreal but it still doesn’t feel real. I think even when we get there it’ll feel like we’re visiting. I’m so excited!!!!
PS: Those of you who have known me a real long time ( Caity, Alex and whoever else reads this) should know that Garry has been diagnosed with cancer but it is supposed to be very treatable. I just thought you should know.
xoxo Amy


One Response to “Soup Can, LameBus and the Science of Awesome”

  1. Rory Says:

    Your at home? Awesome I’m off early too. see you soon

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