Why Craigslist is my friend and vegetables give me super powers

October 4, 2006


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Not only have we sold almost all our furniture but we got cupcakes too. Rory posted our sequin bird wall hangings for $20 and these girls asked if they could trade us for baked goods. So of course we said yes because free homemade baked goods aren’t something you should turn down. These 17 year old kids were fucking adorable. They had pink hair (probably just one of them, I can’t remember), Metallica sweatshirts and these amazing Martha-Stewart-would-be-proud cupcakes. Not only were they beautiful but they may have been the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. I ate three in one day.
Gabrielle and I rent Go Further, the documentary where Woody from Cheers travels down the west coast in a bio-diesel bus with a raw food chef,a yoga instructor and then some buddies of his. They bike for eight hours a day and then do talks about organic living at Universities. Everyone of them looked so healthy that Gabrielle and I decided to eat raw for a week to see what happened. The eight hour bike rides seemed excessive. I’m on day three and so far so good. yesterday I was a little grouchy but I think I’m just not eating enough. I already notice that I have way more energy, this morning was the first time in a long time that I woke up and was just awake, not groggy at all. The whole raw thing is weird because you don’t realize how much you can’t eat. All your beans and grains have to be sprouted, and all you nuts have to be raw. I think by the end of this I’m never going to want to see another peanut in my life, they’re the cheapest nuts and I’m poor.

Last night we had a really lovely dinner with Leif and Ben some rad kids we’ve met here. Leif used to work at the little health food store we went to and she’s in a this crazy noise band, and Ben her boyfriend works at our little video store and also makes noise music. Ben reminded us of a stew made of Lee, JRC and Logan Laird, not a bad combo if you ask me. We made a yummy raw salad for me with grated beets, cashews, sprouted beans and lentils and other yummies, the rest of them had salmon too. I was glad that the only cooked thing was something I don’t eat anyways so I wasn’t craving it. I’ll let you know how it goes.


2 Responses to “Why Craigslist is my friend and vegetables give me super powers”

  1. c... Says:

    i want to see that movie…didn’t he get arrested sometime for riding a lawnmower naked on acid or something? i’m really into sprouts, but i tell ya, this whole raw foods thing just isn’t my bag, at this time of year at least… (depending on constitution) you must eat squashes and ginger and warming bulking foods! but you’re down with constitutional types, and you’ve got the pitta in you to handle it!. tell me how it goes.
    my criticism is: peanuts are full of pesticides and mold! more raw pumpkin seeds! more seaweed! man, i am learning just how important “sea vegetables” are… did you know that kelp has more B12 than beef liver, the leading animal source?
    when are you moving out? do i have time to send you some nettles? tomorrow i’m going to milk a goat!
    this is too long!
    p.s. wasn’t the moon bright last night? it was the harvest moon! and i heard that it was the closest to the earth that it’ll be for 19 years!

  2. heather Says:

    Go Further is a good documentary. My sister bought it a while back. Do you have the book as well?

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