Start your day with a BANG!

September 30, 2006

Sorry I couldn’t help myself with the title. Rory made me wake up at 7 am to go watch Woodwards blow up, and as grouchy as I was I gotta tell you, watching building blow up is really fucking fun. We tried to watch it from the JC/DC recording studio which is right across the street but we got there too late and they’d already blocked off the roads. It’s probably just as well, there were a few flying bricks.

The only thing weirder than watching a building blow up first thing in the morning is doing so on East Hastings. It was a really weird combination of people all standing on a hill in that sketchy park. You had your awesome families who do things like drag their kids out of bed to watch an implosion, your arty students with their expensive cameras and your crank heads, whose turf we were trespassing on. Just as their warning sounds went off they had to stop and start again because some junkie on a bike came peddling out of there like it ain’t no thing. It was kind of hilarious, they have the whole area alarmed and this guy sets it off and then gets pissed at the cops for moving him out of the way, it was as if he was somehow oblivious to the whole thing.

Through the power of technology I tried to upload videos I put on youtube into my blog but it doesn’t seem to work with wordpress blogs. If anyone knows how to do this I would love for them to tell me. I tried cutting and pasting the information it told me to use but nothing showed up… Erik?
These links should work though.



After the implosion it was crazy all of east Hastings turned into a big ball of dust, that shit even gets in your teeth, no one could breath and then all these fancy pantses pull out dust masks like they’re so much smarter than the rest of us, which they are.

Now it is 9:30 in the morning and I’ve still got a clothing swap to go to before work at 3:30. Nothing like a good implosion ( I love that word by the way) to get your day started right.


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