September 23, 2006


Originally uploaded by wooden apples.

Gabrielle has, as of late, become somewhat of a roommate to Rory and I. To clarify, she doesn’t actually live with us but instead lives in her van, which is often parked on our street. It’s been really nice actually, I forgot what it’s like to have friends that you hang out with all the time. Mainly we rent a lot of tv on dvd and there’s usually beer involved and something yummy that Rory has made for dinner. We have so far watched the whole first and third season of Arrested Development (we skipped the second because it kept being rented but I think we’ll go back). This has quickly become one of my most favorite shows ever, how is it so funny? Also we watched Weeds which we voted good but not great and have just started Curb Your Enthusiasm which Gabrielle has never seen.
Watching television will become somewhat more difficult now seeing as today we sold and got rid of our couch. It’s weird to think that we’ll just sit on the floor for the next month but whatevs. It you ever need to sell anything put it on Craigslist, we put up four things today and yesterday and they’re all gone. By tomorrow we will have made over $300 for our ‘buying new stuff in Montreal’ fund.


One Response to “Gabrielle”

  1. Lex Says:

    Arrested Development gets better the more times you watch it. Seriously. I’ve seen the first and second seasons, in entirety, three times each. I never knew televised comedy could be so rich in foreshadowing, subtext, and hilarious cruelty.

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