M Ward, The Silver Jews and other lovely things

September 8, 2006


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This has been a musical week. Shapes and Sizes played at The Lamplighter last Thursday, I’d actually never been there before. Carli came so it was really fun even though I came right from work and wanted to nap on the beer soaked carpet. On Saturday night we went to see M Ward which was absolutely amazing. I think I had one of those grins on my face the whole time, you know the ones, where you catch yourself smiling at a happy part in a shmultzy movie. Anyways it was so good, I’m not sure what I was expecting but it way surpassed that. I would say it was one of my favorite shows of the year, up there with Destroyer. Then last night Shapes and Sizes opened for The Silver Jews at Richard’s. We found out at the show that they had actually chose them to play with in Vancouver out of all the bands that applied, how’s that for a compliment. They also got hilariously ugly Silver Jews trucker hats, bonus.
The only other thing of interest this week was that we went to Stanley park on Sunday, I hadn’t been since I was about six or so. Let me tell you that train ride is the worst $5 I ever spent (or rather Rory ever spent). I think I hate people too much to enjoy something like that. You’re stuck on a very slow moving vehicle filled with babies and people who like to give a running commentary about everything there is to look at. It was actually kind of welfare there were fake bears and moose and these little shacks with pervy gnomes hiding around them. I think we were at the park for about an hour and spent over twenty bucks on two train passes (it’s only 15 mins), two veggie dogs and one popsicle.
I think we were had by the city of Vancouver.


2 Responses to “M Ward, The Silver Jews and other lovely things”

  1. c Says:

    gimme gossip, how was my hero?! (maybe i can wear the hat one day?)

    hi amy! what’s your address? all i do is write letters. that, and hoe echinacea all day under the burning daystar.

  2. Lex Says:

    Why didn’t anyone tell me M Ward was playing?

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