Drown your sorrows in chocolate and flax seeds

August 20, 2006

Last night I finally got around to calling Carli, the only friend I have in this god forsaken town. It was lovely, I wish I’d done it sooner. We went out for drinks down the street and sat outside laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. Not literally, I have excellent bladder control. She stayed for a sleep over, we watched Mitch Hedberg on youtube and then fell asleep. Perfection.

I decided today was the day to get off my tush. I took Sequoia to the vet, poor bugger’s got fleas, cost me an arm and a leg but I’d like to think she’d do the same for me. Then I got home and put all of our plants and porch stuff back out on the porch which is finally finished, a month and a half late. We’ve missed out on some quality back porch hanging out this summer thanks to our crummy landlord.

To celebrate the fact that we also finally got our new oven so I can actually bake something I whipped up a batch of double chocolate cookies. They are so fucking good that I think I may literally vomit due to eating five hundred of them. The only thing sadder than having to take a picture of yourself because no one else is around is having to take a picture of yourself eating cookies because no one is around, which is why you, or rather I am eating all these cookies in the first place. Truth be told I always eat too many cookies no matter who’s around.


6 Responses to “Drown your sorrows in chocolate and flax seeds”

  1. elif Says:

    you are too cute!

  2. Talia S. Freimanis Says:

    Oh Amy… I hope you are feeling more chipper today. I wish I could come on over and eat cookies with you. Oh well. See you soon. Hi Elif!

  3. jeannette Says:

    you can never eat too many cookies! and if you like, you should come and be a part of our strathcona leisure club and take part in monday night tennis! whooo, tennis!

  4. Rory Says:

    Save me some cookies! I’m coming home! San Fran is cold.

  5. elif Says:

    hi amy It’s katie, I’m glad your oven is fixed! And the poach wow. hope to see you soon.

  6. elif Says:

    dude, when i get back, we should express post each other baked goods! it works, seriously, my mum does it all the time. i love you.

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