August 19, 2006

There is nothing I would like more right now that to not be in Vancouver, well actually I would rather Rory was here but after that there is nothing I would like more. Without my one companion here this city seems big, ugly and cold. I have yet to meet anyone friendly who could actually be someone to hang out with. I feel old, I feel like this old lonely person who has realized that it’s really hard to make friends when you aren’t in school and don’t do anything for a living that really interests you.
On the bright side of things Shapes and Sizes got a nice review in Skyscraper and some kid from California was visiting Vancouver with his mom and recognized their album playing in Smoking Lily and was (according to Glenda) very stoked to learn that Rory lived upstairs. I thought that was the cutest thing ever for some reason. You know it’s a bad week when the only happy news I can think of has to do with Rory’s band and not my own actually life.
Anyways that’s the update, sorry I’m so glum, but for now it’s just me and my furry companion in this big dumb city.


One Response to “Vancouver???”

  1. elif Says:

    aw, dude, don’t make me give you an “e-hug”! i love you and miss you and everything is going to be a-ok, perhaps you could pass time by crocheting sequoia a sweater? matching booties also. love.

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