August 17, 2006

Rory left for his ten day tour today, I’m bummed. I only have one day off the whole time he’s gone which I guess is sort of good. I might go out with the girls from next door tonight but I’m not sure. I feel like watching endless amounts of television and eating shitty food. I wish I was in Victoria or Montreal, at least then I’d have people to hang out with but here I don’t know anyone.
Other than being bummed I’ve been working really hard lately at starting up a business. I’m about half way through writing my business plan. It’s really exciting to see things coming together.
Sorry not much of an update but I’ve gone off birth control and my periods are a little crazier than usual and I want to curl up and eat ice cream. A little personal I realize, but I figure if you’re reading this you probably know me pretty well.


One Response to “Boohoo”

  1. caityyyy Says:

    come over here! i quit my job! i figured that one week was damn well enough. i leave on the 28th, but i’m flying from victoria, so i don’t get to visit! fuuuuck.

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