Why does it feel like the end of summer camp?

August 8, 2006

We had so much fun this week, starting with Rory’s birthday. While both of us managed to have really low key birthdays this year it was still nice. We went with the whole band plus Carli to this Ethiopian place on Commercial and shared two giant platters of food. It was really small and there was no music playing so I’m pretty sure we were those annoying people who laugh too loud in small spaces. I have to stop forgetting how fun Carli is.
The next night was Shapes and Sizes show with Mt. Gigantic at the Marine Club. It was so lovely, there are such an awesome bunch of kids who know how to put on a show, they were so tour tight it was great. However the next day there van broke down on the way to Seattle so Nathan went to pick them up. poor ragamuffins.
On Friday Mike came to stay the night before his big adventure. I think I would loose my mind on a bus for three days by myself. Rory was filling his head with ideas that maybe he would be sitting next to some beautiful girl. We went to the foundation (qu’elle surprise) and then for a long walk along the water by science world, over near the stadiums and then ended up at Tinsletown where we paid way too much money to see A Scanner Darkly. Rory paid to have a nap.
On Saturday we headed off to Victoria later than planned but that’s always the way with the ferry. We hung out with Loren and Andrew and then Katie, Talia and Lee came over and we made delicious pot stickers.

We were in Victoria so Katie could make their music video with them, so we spent all day Sunday filming. I think it’s going to be beautiful if certain people/ person can learn to keep their ideas to themselves. We stayed with Lee and Caity, I love Caity’s house, maybe more than any other house.

Yesterday was spent at the lake doing more filming but mostly walking in circles looking for a specific spot which ended up being the first spot we went to. This wasn’t realized until we were all the way around Thetis. Oh well we got to all go swimming, except Katie who was filming and Talia who had no swim suit (a likely story).

I’m going to really miss Talia. We all ended up at Bean Around the World after the lake, where Ben Raymer, Sarah Pelzer and Loren showed up. Saying goodbye to a group of people that large was really stressful. I felt like something was changing like summer was over. It felt really shitting. I guess this is when we start looking forward to Christmas break. I love and miss all of my faraway friends so much.


One Response to “Why does it feel like the end of summer camp?”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I miss you!
    Saying goodbye to groups is really stressful and not fun!
    I just got back from Toronto where I was with RED HUNTER!
    I hope you’re well and I hope to see you sooner than later.

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