Somebody’s birthday is right around the corner

August 1, 2006

Rory got his birthday present (at least the big part) early due to mass confusion. I got him a year household pass to the art gallery. We went the other day and unfortunately the shows on there right now kind of suck and we’re stuck with them until September. Oh well. I have to take care of one last piece of his present today and then we’re good to go. I feel bad for the little guy, at least for my birthday Caity and Karmin and Jessi happened to be here. He doesn’t want to do anything and he doesn’t want to do nothing. They have a show the next night which I think will be pretty fun. It’s with Hot Loins and Mt. Gigantic (from Bloomington), which means our friend Matt Tobey is coming back. It’s crazy that we’ve been able to see him twice since we were there.

matt tobey

This weekend we had some house guests come stay from Victoria. On Saturday Vincat plus Paul and a friend of theirs crashed all over our floor. They couldn’t find our place and didn’t get here until 3 in the morning. I gave up on trying to sleep and joined them because it’s hard to stay mad at a bunch of giggling drunk kids when you think about how fun it is to be there. I had to go to work in the morning but Rory took them for a nice breakfast. Then on Sunday lovely Loren and Andrew stayed over, but we barely got to see them because we both had to work in the morning and they got here after we were sleeping. It’ll be nice to see them this weekend.

I’m excited for this weekend in Victoria. We’ve only gone back for them to play shows, so just hanging out will be nice. I’m stoked though for them to make their video with Katie, I know she’s a little stressed about it but who wouldn’t be.


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  1. elif Says:

    dude, i’ve started a summer blog and linked you! link me back! blog buddies for life.

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