I suck at blogging

July 29, 2006

Apparently there are people (or at least one person) who hate it when they check this page and there’s nothing written. So for them, I give you an update.

Since the last post we went back to Victoria for Shapes and Sizes to play a show with Vincat and They Shoot Horses Don’t They?. It was a pretty awesome show and I felt like I saw everyone I had ever known from Victoria which was kind of weird and kind of really nice. Our friend Tim who has been in Europe for the past year came and we didn’t even know he was in the country. It’s not often that I scream out of excitement for seeing someone.

The next day a group of us went out for breakfast and then Mike and Ror and I tried to rent a motor boat but it was in the shop. Instead we just sat on a dock and roasted ourselves.

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Then Ror and Mike found Lee wandering around in Value Village, another lovely surprise because we didn’t know he’d get here from Montreal so soon. On the way home on the ferry whales were actually leaping out of the water right beside the boat, it was pretty amazing.

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Back in Vancouver Katie arrived at our doorstep, it’s been a week of seeing people we haven’t seen in what feels like forever. Shapes and Sizes opened for Camera Obscura at the Plaza Club. It was a pretty great show, Rory’s parents, Talia, Alex, Katie, Rachelle, Sam (add that to the list of people we haven’t seen),and Paul Jung were there. They sounded great and Camera Obscura was really nice. Since then it’s been back to work and today’s another one day weekend. It’s Ror’s birthday on Wednesday and we both have a three day weekend coming up, I think we might go to Victoria to just hang out.

As for tonight, Rory has befriended the guy who owns Eugene Choo and he gave us free tickets to see the Subways, we think it might be silly and fun so we’re going to go.


One Response to “I suck at blogging”

  1. Lex Says:

    I like that picture I took of the three of youse, because you all match and are secretly full of dairy. You are an excellent (and patient) Vancouverite Hostess.
    What are your plans for your Vic Weekend?

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