Peter & the Castanets

July 19, 2006


Originally uploaded by wooden apples.

We had such a nice visit from our good friend Red Hunter from Peter and the Wolf and had the chance to befriend the lovely Ray from the Castanets. The two of them came up to Vancouver from both Texas and the not so far Portland. They played Friday night with Shapes and Sizes at Pat’s here in Vancouver and then we took the ferry over to Victoria on Saturday.

Caity had organized such a nice show for them to play in Janette’s basement, it was so cozy. Both Red and Ray played along with Liz Reed and Rory did a few songs solo which is pretty rare and was pretty beautiful.
That night went on to involve a lot of Rye and Gingers (which Red renamed amyandrorys), some playgroud tomfoolery, some veggie dogs covered in sourkraut and some dancing at the gay bar. To be quite honest I’m sure it involved some things I can’t remember, I miss island summers.
On a sad note Rory got hit by a car yesterday while riding his bike. We had to go the hospital today, but nothing’s broken just his knee and hand are swollen and his back wheel of his bike is screwed up. Oh well these things happen.


2 Responses to “Peter & the Castanets”

  1. ali bosworth Says:

    is it just the picture, or was your bottle basically as big as your head?

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