Midnight Bandits

June 22, 2006

We had a visit from some creatures last night, I felt like I was sleeping in a cabin in the boonies. When I was lying in bed I noticed that Sequoia was staring at the furnace vent, so I listened and heard a munching sound. Now mice I’m pretty okay with, they’re small and kind of cute but oh no this was no mouse. A rat! I didn’t look and I’m glad but Rory claims that he saw a rat in our vent so what did we do? Closed it back up of course. Who wants to deal with a rat?! Leave it for the landlord I say. So just when we think that it’s safe to go back to sleep, we wake up to a noise in the kitchen. This was no rat it was a raccoon and Rory saw it this time. In pictures raccoons are really cute, even in real life in the wilderness or snooping through someone’s garbage they stay pretty cute but in your house, not cute. It ate all of Sequoia’s cat food and then Rory made a bunch of noise and it ran away. We had put up cardboard to fill in the cat door so Sequoia wouldn’t get out but this midnight bandits had chewed through.
This morning I told Glenda downstairs and she knew all about the raccoons and apologized for forgetting to tell us. She said when she lived up here that one day she came home and the mom raccoon ran out the cat door and when she opened the door all the babies ran further in to her apartment and she had to shoo them all out. I’m not so worried about the raccoons, if we cover the cat door properly they won’t be able to get in but rats on the other hand are disgusting and making me afraid to be home by myself. Sequoia may be cute but she’s no rat catcher.


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