June 19, 2006

A sequoia is a beautiful tree, it is also the name of our brand new kitty cat. We brought her home from the SPCA yesterday and are pleased as punch. At the shelter she was a bit shy but we knew she would come out of her shell a little when we got her home. Oh boy were we ever right, this girl loves attention. She loves to cuddle and spent the whole night curled up with us in our bed. I can’t decide yet if I want her to be an outdoor cat or not. I’ve never had an indoor cat before but considering she was found as a stray and has the scar from being fixed that means she probably ran away from someone else. She’s very young, no older than a year and is perfect for us because I wanted a cat (they have more personality) and Rory wanted a kitten (they’re cuter). I start my job on Wednesday so I can give her two whole days of being around before she has to be on her own. I just thought I’d share our happy new friend with you.


One Response to “Sequoia!”

  1. Talia S. Freimanis Says:

    My favourite noun in the english language is now the proper name for your wonderful new cat! I will call you tonight, my friend. Hope all is well…

  2. Talia S. Freimanis Says:

    oh yes and Leah from Rebar says hello!

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