We have green thumbs

June 17, 2006

We’ve been buying plants from this weird weekend ‘plant store’ that is set up in a parking lot behind Eugene Choo every Saturday and Sunday. So far we’ve only killed, or at least almost killed one of them which is pretty good considering out track record. It was unfortunately the columbine which was my favorite but I think I might be able to revive it.

We’re thinking about getting a kitten soon, but we’re afraid it will run away and get smooshed on Main Street. We have a cat door but I think we might close it up for a while until it loves us enough to want to come home. On a related topic, we may want to cover the cat door anyways. Not because of the friendly visits of the neighbor’s cat but because the other night we heard a weird noise in the kitchen and when Rory went out the loaf of bread had fallen off the fridge. Then today we noticed a BIG chomp out of the bread and it’s bag, this can only be the work of the midnight bandit, the raccoon. I’ve never heard of a raccoon coming inside but there’s no other explanation.


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