Oh no! She went and got a blog

June 16, 2006

Moving to a city where you know practically no one gives you a lot of spare time, a lot of time to think, a lot of time to watch free cable and apparently a lot of time to start a blog.

I’ve been doing a lot of exploring though too. Today was a good exploring day, I found maybe the best craft store ever. It’s called Ruby Dogs and it’s on my street, it was recommended by some Vancouver people on Craftster. This store is unbelievable! In the front it’s all bulk stuff that you buy by the bag, mostly weird cardboard shapes and plastic bits and pieces and in the back it’s amazing paper odds and sods and craft supplies. I found a bunch of things to use for the Vegan/Vegetarian swap I’m organizing on Craftster. (see picture above)
On top of all the great stuff they also have a book room which craft books to read and old books to rip up.

The idea that I’ve found a job frightens me. It’s been months and months since I’ve worked regularly. Also the idea that I have to go all the way through Stanley Park to get there is a little concerning. Oh well maybe it’ll be nice.


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